Theghettolorax is here! #Official

Hello and WELCOME to my blog! I am TGL (the ghetto lorax) I enjoy pokemon and other cool things like Legend of Zelda and also other gaming art. send me questions and ill answer them but i only answer things that are up on the list related. GHETTO LORAX OUT PEACE ENJOY!
If apples are red, why isn’t my apple juice red! Fake rip off juice.


You walk into class and the teacher be like

And you look at the teacher like

Then they start writing on the board and you look at the work like…

Then the teacher gives you the homework and you’re like

Then the teacher starts looking over your shoulder and you be like

Then that one stupid kid gets on your nerves

Then you get home and you’re like

And repeat this for the rest of the year.


This is so fricken cute this melts my heart


daddy and his sugar baby



no, we couldn’t
move mountains
but boy could
we run so fast
til they’re nothing
more than ant

and when my feet
ached and stopped
for breath, i see
you’ve taken the
other path.

MJL, some nights i still hear your footsteps running
(via mimickingmaelstroms)


Everyone knew you weren’t a social person; you tend to shy away from large crowds and enjoyed being by yourself. But despite wanting to be alone, you really did want to have a friend, but that was a lot harder said than done. You never really caught anyone’s eyes, but it wasn’t because you weren’t…